Art of the Week: Popeye By Beatriz Milhazes


Merry Christmas art readers! If you’re feeling festive today, check out Beatriz Milhazes’s Popeye- contemporary yet derived from the classic geometric abstract method of painting to music, like the pioneer of abstraction Wassily Kandinsky. Except this lovely artist isn’t from Russia, but from Rio De Janiero, Brazil- in the heart of South America.

What makes Milhazes work unique is her vibrant combinations geometric forms and bright colors to portray the idea of connecting the past to the present as she tries to make sense of Brazilian culture today.

Mihazes explains that her work is combination of collage and acrylics, layer upon layer, however, if we delve deeper, we understand that her laborious process is a visual commentary on the political changes Brazil has gone through from when Milhazes grew up to now. In the 1960s, Brazil was much like a dictatorship, and today it stands as a democracy.

Last but not least, music is what inspires Milhazes’ work. From Brazilian folk music to classical sonatas, she claims that an artwork is composed by what she listens to!

Composed from what Milhazes listened to.

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